Thursday, September 22, 2011

Temptation In Texas-Mike and Megan

A Sensual Short Story

Life in uptown Dallas is exciting enough already for small town girl Megan. But when Mike walks into the restaurant where she works, things are going to crank up a notch.


As she got closer, his body unfolded and he stood to his full height. Megan sucked in a breath as he reached over and took her hand. His fingers entwined with hers, and he leaned down and took her lips in a quick, searing, closed-mouth kiss.
He began pulling her along behind him, and headed to the darkened parking lot. The restaurant was closed and all the wait staff were leaving. Few vehicles were left scattered in the large parking lot.
Sure enough, he led her over to a brand new, sexy, black pick-up truck. He deactivated the locking system, and opened the passenger door for her. He held her hand as she stepped onto the running board and then into the truck.
The door shut behind her. She let out a shaky breath. The decision was made. She was going with him. She briefly closed her eyes and prayed she made the right choice.
Fifteen minutes later, they were driving north on I-75, headed into Plano. He didn't speak much too her, but kept sending smoldering glances her way. A current of sensation steadily buzzed through her as anticipation held her.
Soon, they were pulling into a newer suburban neighborhood and he was turning the truck into a driveway as the automatic doors went up and he eased inside. The doors closed behind them, and she was locked inside the garage with only a dim light coming from the small fixture on the ceiling.
He cut the engine and turned his eyes to her. His hand lifted toward her face, then paused in mid-air. He balled his fingers into a fist, and dropped it back down. When he spoke, his voice was guttural. "I can't touch you yet. If I do, your panties are going to be off in five seconds, and I'll end up screwing you in the truck."
Her eyes flared wide.
"Unless you want that?"
Megan shook her head in a small negative movement.
"Okay. Let's go inside."

Bedded by the Boss